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More than two thirds have paid in Wexford

Published 15/01/2013 | 10:16


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ALMOST 67 per cent of property owners in Co. Wexford have so far paid the household charge, and the Council said this week that an average of forty registrations are being made daily.

The €100 Household Charge now stands at €130 when late payment penalties are included. Penalties are added each month, and therefore, every six months, €16 is added to the charge. By April 1, the charge will be €143.

These penalties will remain in place until the end of June when the charge is expected to increase to €200. At that point, the responsibility for collection will transfer to the Revenue Commissioners, and will be included in their brief of Property Tax Collection.

' The Revenue Commissioners will use their various legislative powers to secure collection of any remaining balances,' said a spokesperson for Wexford County Council. 'Property Owners that feel they are entitled to a waiver as detailed in the scheme must also be registered but will not be charged. It is however essential for them to register.'


If you are entitled to Mortgage Interest Supplement on the liability date (January 1 each year) you can claim a waiver of the Household Charge.

People living in certain unfinished housing estates can also claim a waiver for the years 2012 and 2013. Details of qualifying estates are published on the Household Charge website. They are also listed in the Local Government (Household Charge) Regulations 2012. If your estate is not listed, you will not get the waiver. You must still register your property in order to claim either waiver.

Septic tank registration

Around 53% of septic tanks in Co. Wexford have so far been registered. The €5 charge increased to €50 after the initial period, and there are no additional penalties for this once off registration charge.

Services supported by the charge

A leaflet was distributed to all households in County Wexford towards the end of 2012 setting out a list of Local Authority services that now depend on the household charge collection levels.

The Council pointed out that it contributes over €150 million to the local economy annually, and that it is the largest employer and the largest spending organisation in the county. It provides over 80 direct and indirect services, many of which do not attract a charge.

Services provided include: housing; roads, transportation and safety; water services; planning; building control; environmental services; fire services; industrial promotion; licensing; recreational facilities including libraries, beach management, public swimming pools, leisure centres and Arts programmes; emergency responses; and education and other services. Registration and Payments can be made and further information can be access on line as follows Household Charge: Septic tanks registration: Alternatively, the Council website, has direct links to the location for registration and payment.

Registration and Payment can also be made in any of the local authority offices throughout the county and this will continue up to the date when the Local Property Tax is implemented and the responsibility for collection is transferred to the Revenue Commissioners.

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