Friday 26 May 2017

Man saw red when spooky duo called

A HALLOWEEN visit to his home by hooded and masked callers spooked Richard Grimes (48) of 18 Kyle Meadow, Oulart and led to charges of assault and criminal damage.

Both offences were admitted when the case came before Judge Gerard Haughton last week.

Defending solicitor Macarten O'Gorman felt that it was well after the usual trick or treat time when two masked, hooded and unspeaking callers arrived at the door of the Grimes family around 10 p.m. on October 31, 2011. The door was opened by the accused man's wife but the pair turned and walked away when the husband appeared.

Mr. O'Gorman described the call as 'sinister, unwelcome and intimidating', adding that it was a 'frightening experience'. The response of father of two Richard Grimes was to leave the house and stop the car of Seán Hamill. He struck out at the driver, leaving Hamill with a cut lip. He also caused €227 damage to the door of the car belonging to Barry Redmond.

The court was told that the defendant accepted he must pay compensation and that he got the wrong people when he picked out Hamill and Redmond. Judge Gerard Haughton pointed out that almost a year and a half had elapsed without compensation being paid so far.

He gave Grimes until May 1 to come up with €750 for each of the injured parties.

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