Friday 28 April 2017

Man found not guilty in arson case


William Ryan outside the courthouse during his trial
William Ryan outside the courthouse during his trial

A BALLYGARRETT man accused of causing an arson attack to be carried out at a prison nurse's home after a row over haemorrhoid cream was acquitted by a jury last week.

William Ryan (53) was last Tuesday found not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court of two counts of arson by a jury of four men and eight women.

After a little over two hours of deliberations, a unanimous verdict was reached.

William Ryan had complained to prison authorities that the nurse had given him a sun cream instead of the Anusol cream he asked for. He was accused of organising the burning out of two cars from his prison cell. He was serving a sentence for public order offences.

He pleaded not guilty to using a mobile phone from Wheatfield Prison on September 3, 2007, and to carrying out two counts of arson on cars outside the south Dublin home of nurse officer Orla Finn the following night.

Judge McCartan directed the jury to find him not guilty of using a mobile phone from prison after ruling that there wasn't enough evidence to support the charge.

After the verdict was read and the judge ended the session, Ryan said ' thank you' to the court.

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