Wednesday 26 July 2017

Majority of those accessing centres were men – and 42 were under 18

THE 966 contacts made to Wexford services in 2011 were in respect of 846 different people, as some of them were referred more than once or treated at two or more centres.

Of these 846, 627 were new referrals who received one course of treatment during the year. Sixty-four other clients required continuous care, while 25 were treated twice or more in 2011. Of other new referrals, 130 were assessed only and did not receive treatment.

Sixty-eight of the people who made contact with the services were treated for a main problem other than substance misuse. Of these clients, 13 individuals were treated for gambling problems, an increase of six on the previous year. Twenty-six individuals were listed as 'concerned persons', 16 were treated for relationship issues and 13 were treated for other problems.

A breakdown of ages shows that 140 clients treated in Wexford were between 18 and 24 years old, while 42 were under 18.

Males accounted for 68% of all treatments. In terms of accommodation status, 608 (94%) were in stable accommodation at the time of receiving treatment. There were 23 homeless people treated, while the remaining treatments were for people in unstable accommodation or in prison, residential care or a halfway house.

In terms of employment status, 379 of those receiving treatment were unemployed, and just 83 were in full-time employment at the time of their treatment. The next highest figures were made up by those who were retired/unable to work (53) and students (48).

Referral figures show that 216 people who received treatment did so of their own free will, while 121 people were required to do so by the courts, probation service, or gardaí.

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