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Lake Region workers to meet over new contract


Published 09/06/2010 | 13:01

IN A bid to resolve concerns over proposed changes to the shift work cycle at Lake Region, concerned employees are to hold a meeting in the Workmans Club on Mary Street tomorrow night (Thursday).

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A group of employees, concerned over the proposed changes to their shift work routine, say staff currently working the four cycle shift work two days and two nights, followed by four days off. If one of those nights falls on Saturday, they don't work it, however Lake Region Management have now decided to issue a new contract 'forcing' people to work those Saturday nights.

'This will mean workers giving up 13 Saturday nights per year. The remuneration offered works out at less than the hourly rate than we are currently paid, with only eight hours extra holiday allowed. Most people would prefer not to accept the new contract but no alternative has been offered,' said a spokesperson for the workers.

'Management have taken a very heavy-handed approach in getting people to sign these contracts. They are refusing to meet groups of people, preferring to work on individuals by threatening to locate them to lower paid jobs within the factory or in several cases telling them 'if you don't like it, leave',' claimed the spokesperson.

The group of workers, say they hope that by organising the meeting in an informal setting with independent mediation, a compromise can be reached.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at 8.30 p.m. and speakers will include a representative of SIPTU and members of the Citizens Advice Bureau. Management and Directors have also been invited to attend.

The company declined to make a comment on the issue.

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