Council taps into natural resource as part of conservation campaign

Published 17/06/2009 | 10:28

Cliona Connolly, enviromental education officer, Wexford County Council; Cllr Peter Byrne, chairman, Wexford County Council; and Siobhan Kehoe of water services, with one of the new rainwater saver butts.

HOUSEHOLDERS in Wexford can now collect rainwater for washing the car and watering plants, thanks to a new device being supplied by the County Council.

The Rainwater Saver Butt was launched last week by outgoing Council Chairman Peter Byrne as part of the County Council's Water Conservation Campaign.

The water butts are being made available to members of the public at a subsidised rate of ¤35 a unit and can be purchased at Holmestown Waste Management Facility along with compost bins which cost a subsidised ¤15 each.

' Water is an extremely valuable resource and we all need to play a part in conserving it,' said Environment Education Officer Cliona Connolly.

Mr. Byrne described it as a 'great initiative' and urged everyone to make an effort to conserve water.

'We are all consumers of water. Like all natural resources, we do not have an endless supply,' he said.

Water butts collect rainwater from your roof 's drainpipes after rain. This can then be used for watering plants or washing the car.

'Simple changes in how we use water can reduce water consumption significantly,' said Cliona. 'A hose uses more water in one hour than the average family uses in a day. By simply using a bucket or watering can, you are conserving water.'

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