Friday 26 May 2017

Alcohol abuse remains most common problem

Some 424 people sought help for an alcohol problem in 2011.
Some 424 people sought help for an alcohol problem in 2011.

ALCOHOL abuse continued to be the most common problem for which people sought treatment in Co Wexford in 2011, with 424 people seeking help for their drinking problem.

The next highest figure was for cannabis, with 98 people admitting to that problem, while heroin was the third most problematic substance as 74 sought help for an addiction with it. Cocaine misuse and head shop substance abuse accounted for 14 people each, while problems with benzodiazepine use accounted for 10 more.

The figure of 424 for alcohol abuse represented an increase of 51 on 2010. Of those clients, 270 were categorised as 'dependent drinkers', 122 as ' harmful drinkers', and 104 as ' hazardous drinkers'.

Alcohol was the only substance to show an increase in the demand for treatment over the two years. Requests for help with heroin addiction fell by 45, as did the number of clients treated for cannabis misuse, which fell by seven. Treatment for cocaine problems dropped by 14, while treatment for benzodiazepine and head shop substances were down seven each.

Meanwhile, 72 individuals treated for drug misuse admitted to injecting in the month prior to receiving treatment, although this represented a significant drop from 2010's figures. The majority of those who had admitted to injecting also admitted to sharing injecting equipment. 45 individuals said they had shared equipment, while 22 said that they had not.

Overall 232 Wexford clients managed to complete their treatment in 2011, while 158 refused to have further sessions or did not return for subsequent appointments.

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