Marc O Se to wing forward

Published 14/11/2012 | 11:29

THERE has been a long and widely held view that Marc O Se's ample football talent has never been fully maximised by having him in the full back line, and that O Se would have offered even more to the team further out in the half back line.

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Deficiencies in the full back line dictated that O Se had to play there, either at corner or full back, but usually detailed to mark the opposition's greatest attacking threat. Still, his skill on the ball had many supporters yearning to see him playing at wing or centre back. In recent seasons O Se has played in the attack for An Ghaeltacht and has been scoring freely for a centre half and even full forward posting, and as an outstanding defender who better to know what defenders don't like from forwards. His ability to get up from full back and kicks points for Kerry is well known, and now that he is beginning to lose a yard of pace against younger, faster forwards, could O Se's considerable football brain and unquestionable skill on the ball not be used at either wing forward or even in the corner?

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