South Kerry can improve more and win 

It's always the big championship anti-climax, a drawn game. There is always a very muted atmosphere in the crowd leaving a venue following such an occurrence and so it was last Sunday week following that dramatic and highly controversial drawn county final between The Legion and South Kerry. The closing minutes of the match has been minutely dissected left, right and centre. The point that was awarded and many - though but all - deciding that Conor Keane's free had drifted wide. And questions being asked where did the referee get the...

Legion still fancied to win another tight one 

I had literally just filed last week's county final review piece and moved it into the done box when my phone buzzed on the table next to me. The screen flashed with the name of a good friend from the South Kerry area. To protect him and me I won't go into any more specifics! As I reached for the phone I knew that the next half an hour at least would be taken up with another review of the game so I killed two birds with the one stone as I answered and hit the switch on the kettle.

Title is still Legion's to win - or lose 

Paul Brennan Replays - especially championship title deciding ones - seldom live up to the quality and drama of the drawn fixture. Whatever about the need for some added quality next Sunday we're not so sure the authorities want the rematch between Legion and South Kerry to end with such 'drama' as the drawn affair did the Sunday before last. Not convinced they want another draw either. There's only so much compensation another pay day can do to off-set the fixtures...