Live by the sword, die by the sword

Published 02/11/2011 | 13:42

Sir, Concerning the letter in The Kerryman of October 26 by Mr Mccarthy regarding barbarity on TV [when Col Gadaffi's death was broadcast], I think it would be fair to assume that Gaddafi ordered the same fate on many of his own people. 'As a man lives so shall he die'.

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Now the picture on Sky News that was chilling to the bone, was of the little girl, somewhere in China, who was knocked down by a van that failed to stop. Twenty one people passed her by as she lay in a pool of blood and not one stopped to help. Then another van drove over her. Eventually an old lady pulled her off the street, but she died a week later. I think it puts Gaddafi's death in perspective. Sincerely, Thomas Galvin, Doonties, Lispole.

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