It's still the same old story for hard-pressed taxpayers

HORSE SENSE: Our new President will do us proud, pity the same can't said of our politicians.
HORSE SENSE: Our new President will do us proud, pity the same can't said of our politicians.

Sir, The dust had settled and O'higgins strides forward. While not tall in stature he nonetheless has won the day in a campaign that will be long remembered. He has achieved a remarkable victory, for in the eyes of the electorate he was seen as the least flawed of those reaching for the post of President.

He is, as he said himself 'A man of the people, for the people and with the people'. Proud to represent the country that he loves and he will be no doubt an excellent ambassador for its culture and language wherever he travels over the next seven years.

But what does it all mean in the grand scheme of things. Not a lot I am afraid. Those that were unemployed before the election will remain so after the election. Business is still unable to source cash from banks that have been given billions by the taxpayer. Unlike Greece there was no €100 billion reduction in our repayments and while our politicians return home smiling and saying that everything is good and our masters in Europe are happy with our progress, their smile has little charm attached to it.

Once more we see that sitting on our behinds will get us nowhere while those who vigorously protest have their debt reduced by a very large sum indeed. Once more it shows that for those with courage to protest loudly there is a reward.

Where are those that will lead us in our struggle? They will I am afraid not be found in those that we have newly elected to govern us. For those that we have now elected seem to be but mirror images of what we had before. They can talk the talk but falter on the walk. All they have in store for us is cutbacks and austerity while those in positions of power still manage to see their fat salaries grow fatter. Sincerely, Michael O'meara, Faha, Killarney.