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'We decided to get children away from the body bags and hearses'

Published 19/06/2013 | 05:36

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Number 9 Langford Downs, Killorglin where the bodies of Enrika Lubika were found on Sunday evening. Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin.

THE brutal double murder of Jolanta Lubiene and her young daughter Enrika in the quiet Langford Downs estate in Killorglin has left neighbours in utter shock, many unsure of how to cope with the appalling events that had unfolded in their neighbourhood.

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Some watched on as garda detectives and, later, the Garda Technical Bureau forensics team investigated the scene. While they watched the unprecedented events unfold, they spoke openly to plain-clothes gardaí and to the assembled media.

For others, though, the events would prove too shocking and they could not remain in the area.

"We decided to get away from the scene, to take our children away from the white suits, the body bags and the hearses," one resident said on Monday evening. The family wasn't alone as several others had followed suit.

"We're appalled, frightened, threatened, it's far from ideal particularly as everyone had mingled with each other in the estate," another resident told The Kerryman on Monday.

"We first got word around 9.30pm on Sunday - it's a nightmare, you have to pinch yourself. She (Jolanta) was a good character and it's just horrendous that it's fallen on our doorstep," the resident added.

On Sunday night, as events were unfolding, residents at the scene spoke tentatively, struggling to comprehend what had occurred. "We can't understand what's happened, it's just not what we would have expected in this estate and we've been here a good while," one resident commented.

Later, local residents Artur and Renata Liberi, originally from Poland, revealed how eastern Europeans living in the estate, and indeed in Killorglin, share a strong bond.

"Lithuanian, Polish or whatever, we're all one here, we're good friends," Artur said, adding: "I'm speechless and amazed someone has done something like this - they were a quiet family and I can't stop thinking about it".

Neighbour Sally Henry revealed how eight-year-old Enrika was popular with all of the children in the estate, while her mother was much quieter.

"She kept herself to herself and was never any trouble, we didn't really know much about her, only through Enrika," she said.


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