Vivienne votes on way to her wedding

Dnal Nolan

Published 09/10/2013 | 05:36

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Vivienne Kiely casting her vote at Tarbert just before her wedding to Ciarán Fitzgerald. Also voting is her uncle, the former Fianna Fáil Senator, Dan Kiely.

FEW were as dedicated to saving the Seanad as Tarbert woman Vivienne Kiely who insisted on taking the time to cast a No vote only minutes before she was due to walk up the aisle on Friday.

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And while she ultimately found herself late for her nuptials, it was through no fault of the referendum but due to the wedding car not showing up!

Vivienne brought a splash of romance and glamour to the ballot station at Tarbert National School on Friday as she cast her vote to retain the Seanad alongside her uncle and former Fianna Fáil senator Dan Kiely; one of the county's longest-serving senators.

The vote certainly went her and her uncle's way - as the country learned on Saturday - but Vivienne's nuptials were thrown into a major flap just minutes later.

"The car Vivienne had booked never showed up at all and we couldn't get through to them," father Denis told The Kerryman. "We had to ring for my son, Denis, to come back from the church to collect us and we got there about 20 minutes late but all went well after that thank God!"

Vivienne was wed to her beloved Ciarán Fitzgerald, from Fedamore, Co Limerick, by her cousin and chief celebrant Fr Eugene Kiely. The couple were heading off to Las Vegas for the first week of a fantastic honeymoon on Monday and they will also take a cruise in the sunny Caribbean.


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