Very superstitious . . .

The Kerryman's Donal Nolan took to the streets of Castleisland on Thursday to see if Kerry people are still as superstitious as we once were.

Kieran McGaley, Castleisland: I wouldn't be superstitious about the number of 13 if I had the money to buy a new car! It'd be some jump from a 15-year-old car to a brand new one! I don't think people are as superstitious as they used to be at all.

Timothy Murphy, Castleisland: Piseogs are very much dying out. I think people are just concerned with the everyday practical considerations of life now. When it comes to the number plates the motor industry were pushing this for a long time. Eileen Spillane, Scartaglin: I didn't think that people were that superstitious anymore until I read about the car registrations changes. I suppose there is still a small bit of it out there, like many people wouldn't walk under a ladder Ned Burke, Castleisland: I do the bingo and whenever the number 13 comes up I say 'lucky for some' rather than 'unlucky for some' and sure enough, someone then shouts 'check'! Piseogs are dying out and I never took any notice of them. The most common ones were to do with walking under ladders or spotting magpies, or the colour red. If you met a foxy woman on the road, you'd have to turn back. I'd say piseogs are stronger in south Kerry. I remember a Caherciveen woman we were giving a drive to once took awful fright when she saw my wife was wearing green slacks. 'Will you turn back or change your pants?' she asked my wife who told her to keep quiet if she wanted to get to the show we were going to! I know another woman who won't leave her house to collect her pension if it's a Friday the 13th! Thecla O'Connor, Castleisland: It wouldn't bother me one bit to have the number 13 on a car registration. There might be some people who are still superstitious but times are changing and it's not as widespread. Noreen O'Callaghan, Ballymacadam: I don't entertain piseogs at all, they don't bother me in the least. I'd say the younger generation now wouldn't be too aware of them, if they've even heard of piseogs at all. The people to pass them on are largely gone today. Personally, I walk under ladders many times. Some piseogs were positive though, I remember my mother often saying when something negative happened, some aul' cnámhsháiling like, 'let the troubles of the year go with it!' That was a lovely way of looking at bad things I think. Pat Buckley, Rathmore: I don't think people are as superstitious anymore. If someone wants a new car, whether or not the number 13 is in the licence plate won't make any difference!

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