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Tullig neighbours bond through Community Alert

Published 09/10/2013 | 05:36

Tullig Community Alert committee member, Noreen O’Sullivan pictured with Paudie Barrett of BBM Secure and one of the in the area signs which Mr Barrett’s company sponsored.

Tullig Community Alert was conceived from an idea by a group of about 10 neighbours at a meeting called in July to discuss how the area could be more secure and neighbourly.

A group from the little community then contacted our neighbours in Ballymacelligott who have a long running and successful Community Alert system.

They were fantastic in offering advice and telephone numbers for various agencies we needed to contact - according to James Brosnan the chairman of the Tullig committee.

"We have become affiliated with groups like Muintir Na Tire, an Garda Siochana and Grapevine Communications and we have been assigned a Garda Liaison Officer to assist us with Tullig CA and I cannot thank the Gardai enough for their help. Grapevine Communications works with various community alert groups and the Gardai in sending out group messages to members," said James.

"Community Alert works on the basis that if one of our members sees any suspicious activity in their area they will send a text to Grapevine/Tullig CA/Gardai, if the Gardai feel that the information warrants further attention they will instruct Grapevine to send out a text message to all 230 members of Tullig CA who can then be aware of incidents occurring in their area and to be vigilant where necessary," James explained.

As nothing in this world is free, the committee is asking for a yearly subscription of €10 per house to cover costs and they will also hold various fundraisers throughout the year

"We have over 160 houses in our area, which covers a four to five-mile radius and of the 160 we now have 130 signed up and this is increasing daily.

"We are trying to promote not only a secure area but also a friendly, neighbourly place to live where everyone knows their neighbour and will assist those in need when required.

"We have, over the years, had a number of new people move to Tullig. This is a great way for them to feel welcome and to get to know each other through the common goal of keeping out area secure. We want to maintain that strong community bond where people can work together to achieve a great area for us all to live in," James added.

"Paudie Barrett and BBM Secure have been of fantastic help to Tullig Community Alert.

"They have sponsored our signs for which we are hugely thankful and will call to any member's house to offer advice on various ways to secure their homes," James said.


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