Town disgusted by robbery of lone pensioner


Credit: Photo by John Reidy


A 90-YEAR-OLD woman living alone was robbed in the middle of the night at her home in a Listowel estate in a callous incident that has left the town shocked and disgusted.

The pensioner is in deep shock following her terrifying ordeal in the early hours of Monday morning at her Ballygologue Park home.

She woke to find a burglar or burglars prowling in her bedroom. They demanded money from the terrified pensioner and then fled with an undisclosed quantity of cash. She had attended bingo in town earlier that night and neighbours fear she may have been watched as she returned home.

The robbery was discovered when the pensioner was found lying in a confused state on the floor of her bedroom. A 90-YEAR-OLD woman was discovered lying traumatised on the floor of her bedroom after robbers broke in through a window in the middle of the night shouting at her to hand over her money.

The pensioner was woken and subjected to a terrifying ordeal when one or more intruders broke into her bedroom at her Listowel home and demanded she hand over money. The woman lives alone and had been at bingo earlier that night. She was found lying on the floor of her bedroom on Monday morning in a state of shock following the incident.

Residents of the Ballygologue Park estate in which she lives are seething this week over the callous robbery of their elderly neighbour.

Gardaí in Listowel have launched a major investigation into the incident and are calling on anyone with information to contact them immediately at Listowel Garda Station.

While the details of the burglary are not clear, it appears she was woken when an intruder or intruders broke in through the window of her downstairs bedroom. It does not appear that she was physically assaulted in the course of the incident.

The pensioner recalls someone repeatedly asking her to 'give me the money'. Neighbours say she has been so traumatised by the incident that she has vowed never to leave her home again. They are still trying to make sense of how anyone could do this to an elderly woman who, they say, should be able to enjoy her retirement in the peace and security of her own home.

She had been provided with a panic alarm by Community Watch in recent years, but this was not set off during the robbery.

"We're deeply angry; people are very upset over it," Listowel Town Councillor Tim O'Leary, who lives just across the road from the woman, told TheKerryman. "This is an awful thing to happen anyone, but especially an elderly lady like that who is living alone. She is very shaken by the ordeal," he said.

Neighbour and town councillor Jackie Barrett said neighbours are deeply shocked this week. "For something like this to happen someone in their own home is shocking. She has said that she will never go out again, the poor woman."

Gardaí described the incident as very alarming. "We carried out a thorough forensic examination of the home on Monday and would ask anybody who might have seen suspicious activity in the Ballygologue area on Sunday night/ Monday morning to contact us at the station," a spokesperson urged.

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