Tony captures beauty of 'Stag and Stallion'

Artist Tony O’Connor with one of the paintings
Artist Tony O’Connor with one of the paintings

SOMETIMES it takes the hand of an artist to show us the magic of forms we take for granted in daily life - just look at Moyvane native Tony O'Connor's incredible horse paintings as he prepares to launch a new exhibition in the capital.

From the sixth generation of a blacksmith family on the Glin Road in Moyvane, Tony grew up steeped in horses. He might well have gone on to fashion metals but instead was compelled to fashion images of the magnificent creatures in a process that has seen him emerge as one of the finest equine portrait artists on these islands today. His new show 'Stag and Stallion' will run at the well-known Doorway Gallery (24 South Frederick Street, Dublin) on Friday, May 29, from 6 to 8pm in a perfect opportunity for fans to get their hands on new pieces.

As the name would suggest, the exhibition will also include paintings of male deer - inspired by Tony's experience of witnessing them in action during rutting season in Killarney.

"The stag paintings stem from a desire to paint our native wildlife in all its splendour. Having witnessed the rut in Killarney and seen how explosively powerful these creature can be, I wanted to capture their beauty and strength in as realistic a way as possible," Tony said.

Meanwhile, there might well be a lesson for us all in this time of economic hardship from some of the darker equine portraits.

"The darkness of the canvas and the emergence of the horse symbolises that no matter how dark, how bleak and how empty things may seem, beauty, power and strength can prevail," Tony added. Visit for more information.