The light goes out at number 22

Published 19/07/2014 | 12:00

The last night of commercial light from Sheila Prendiville’s Bar and Grocery as the business wound up there on Friday night

Another little community of card players, drinkers, ball-hoppers, musicians, singers and innocent bystanders have found themselves estranged from their home-from-home this weekend as the doors close and the hammer is about to fall on the place we know as Sheila Prendiville's Bar & Grocery at No. 22 Main Street, Castleisland.

With immediate effect, the place is going on the market and 'Sheila's' as we knew and loved it is to be no more.

The strains of 'Those Were the Days my Friends' weave themselves with great poignancy through the memory banks of a brain which has endured this kind of social imbiber's itinerancy on several occasion over a short few years.

On the face of it the building has had a great run down through the centuries. It has stood impassively there on the side of the street and taken in all that happened within its gaze.

In recent years several people who have been in on days like St. Patrick's Day and the November 1 Horse Fair Day have expressed an interest in the place if it ever came on the market.

One way or the other this is the end of an era.

But I hope the noble, proud, old building and its wonderful history and the collective and very individual memories of all those who sat at its pitch pine counter can, somehow, live on - even if the light went out for the last time, officially, on Friday night.


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