The donkey stays in Duagh's Crib

POPE Benedict XVI may have decided that there was no donkey in the original nativity scene, but Duagh is sticking with tradition and 'Ned' will keep his place in the village's live crib, which opens to the public this Wednesday, December 19.

The live Crib is a Christmas favourite in the village with farm animals happily munching hay among the figures of the Holy Family. Hundreds of families visit the Crib and, tradition being what it is, there was no way the donkey could be left outside - whatever about the view from the Vatican.

Located behind St Brigid's Church, the Crib is open to everyone and the local development association simply ask that people might make a little donation while visiting. It will be officially opened after 7.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, December 22, next and will be open to the public until Sunday, January 6.

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