Sick of the 'little bride' look on Communion day



A KERRY woman living in London has found inspiration for a new business venture from a photograph of her sister's Holy Communion, taken in the 1970s.

Carol Kearney, who spent her childhood in Kilmoyley and Tralee before moving to London at the age of 18, has just launched a new online business selling christening and Holy Communion dresses, after realising that the simplicity and elegance of her sister Sandra's dress was almost impossible to come by any more.

The photograph, which still hangs on the wall of her mother Mary Kearney's home in St Brendan's Park, Tralee - prompted Carol to get back to basics and offer simple, elegant dresses with contemporary design and traditional style - and so Trumpets and Tiaras was born.

"I was shopping online and saw an icon for Holy Communion dresses but instead of seeing lots of white, pretty little dresses I found lots of dresses that all looked very much the same with diamantes and sequins and huge skirts. I looked at other websites and found more of the same and began to wonder if every mother and little girl really wanted a dress like this for their First Holy Communion," Carol explained.

"What emerged was that many mothers felt like I did about the 'mini bride' look, and were left struggling to find a pretty white dress for this very special occasion. I began to wonder if I could fill this gap and that is how I came up with the idea for Trumpets and Tiaras."

Carol moved to Kerry from London when she was just three and attended Balloonagh school in Tralee until the age of 15. She then transferred to Tralee Community College, where she did her Leaving Certificate. She moved back to London at the age of 18.

When the family returned to Kerry they lived in Kilmoyley for a year, but for the rest of the time lived in Tralee, where her mother and sister Sandra still live.

Trumpets and Tiaras ( was officially launched last month.

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