Thursday 2 October 2014

Schoolkids put forward strong case for having mobile phones

Published 06/03/2013 | 05:36

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Ardfert National School debating team Ailíse Ryan, David Fitzgerald, Jessica Murphy, Trevor Leen, Claudia Murphy and Oisín Le Gros

THEY won the debate speaking in favour of children owning mobile phones, but in doing so proved that you don't need a phone to communicate.

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Ardfert Central National School debaters are still celebrating this week after winning the county finals of the Debating Ireland competition. Captain David Fitzgerald, Ailísh Ryan, Oisín Le Gros, chairperson Jessica Murphy, timekeeper Trevor Leen and Claudia Murphy - all drawn from fifth and sixth classes at the school - debated out of their skins at the Education Centre in Dromtacker, Tralee, for the finals.

"We're delighted for them and it's fantastic experience for them going on to secondary school now," Ardfert Principal Betty Stack said.

The motion they had to support was 'that every child should have a mobile phone' and they argued for it on eminently practical grounds.

"They pointed out that it is a social disadvantage now for children not to have mobile phone as all their friends will have them and can communicate easily with each other," Betty said.

"They also explained how important phones are from a security point of view, allowing parents get in touch quickly with their children and vice versa, and that they help children become technologically-savvy at a time when there are 10,000 IT jobs in the country and not enough graduates to fill them!"


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