Sandy Beenbawn is on the rocks

MANY Dingle and West Kerry locals will recall sunny days at Beenbawn Beach; running along the sand out into the sea which overlooks Fungie's playground at the mouth of the harbour.

However, erosion has seen Beenbawn transformed from a sandy cove to a rocky storm beach and this was clearly evident on Christmas Day as swimmers clambered over the rocks en-route to the ocean to take part in the annual charity swim.

The Kerryman contacted Kerry County Council to ascertain if they had any plans to address the coastal erosion at the beach which provides an excellent vantage point to view the activities of Fungie the Dolphin and the harbour's mouth.

A council spokesperson said that there were no plans at present, adding that funds were "extremely limited for coastal protection works" and that "their emphasis has to be on protecting public infrastructure, such as roads."

"Kerry has approximately 684km of coastline – 12 per cent of Ireland's coastline – however of that 684km over half is defined as 'soft'," the council spokesperson explained. "The soft coastline is normally the area subject to erosion and includes areas of sand dunes, glacial cliffs, marine wetlands and estuarine zones."

The council spokesman also noted that no funding has to date been received from the State in relation to coastal protection works which were carried out in Inch in 2007.

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