Rural Link wants your views on unfinished estates

Published 16/01/2013 | 09:16

Sir, Irish Rural Link (IRL) have initiated a process to hear the views of residents of unfinished estates and/or leaders of resident groups in unfinished estates. This process is part of the ongoing work of the National Co-ordination Committee on Unfinished Housing Developments.

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Irish Rural Link are offering regional meetings to residents of these estates, to community groups concerned and to stakeholders as requested.

One of the residual vestiges of Ireland's building boom is the number of unfinished housing estates dotted all over the country. While we might be upset looking at the unfinished housing estates it is very upsetting for the people who, with the best of faith and with hard-earned and borrowed money, bought into a home only to find themselves living in a permanent unfinished building site.

The government established a committee of stakeholders to oversee a process that would bring these estates to a level of completion in 2010. Significant progress is being made and the number of unfinished housing estates has fallen from more than 2,800 two years ago to 1,770 at present. However, there are approx. 1,000 developments that still have serious defects in roads, public lighting, water services and amenities. Many of these will be resolved through ongoing efforts but there are other development that are unlikely to ever be sorted out because they face the twin dilemmas of being neither viable to complete to any reasonable standard nor viable to leave in their currently uncompleted state.

Anyone interested in making their views known in confidence to the National Co-ordination Committee on Unfinished Housing Developments should contact Maria Pettit, Irish Rural Link, Moate Business Park, Clara Road, Moate Co. Westmeath, e-mail, telephone (090) 6482744 or 6482745.

Residents living in unfinished estates should read a useful leaflet that is available on The Department of Environment Community and Local Government published a best practice Guidance Manual on Managing and Resolving Unfinished Housing Developments, including approaches to site resolution planning, coupled to an agreed code of practice and a guide for residents (all published and available on; Sincerely, Seamus Boland, Irish Rural Link

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