Recession at the root of novel idea



NECESSITY is the mother of invention they say and for one emerging Annascaul writer the recession has proven itself to be a blessing in disguise as Eamonn Hickson launched his first novel ' The History Maker' in Dingle last weekend.

Civil Engineer Eamonn (25) like many others, was left out of work following the collapse of the construction industry. After graduating from college in Tralee, the Lougher native only managed to secure sustainable employment in his sector for little over a year.

However, clearly being a 'glass half full kind of guy' Eamonn set about turning a negative situation to his advantage by cultivating another passion - creative writing - and instead of picking up his passport, he picked up his pen.

After researching countless articles online about how to self-publish and develop his craft, Eamonn set about the task at hand by writing some short stories. Evening courses in creative writing and online blogging followed and at the beginning of 2010 he decided it was time to make his mark and write his first novel.

The result is ' The History Maker' which was officially launched in Dingle's Hillgrove, where Eamonn also works as manager, last Saturday night.

"It's a story about a guy who wakes up after a car accident and doesn't remember anything," Eamonn told The Kerryman. "The novel tells the story about how he is trying to piece his life back together and unravel a mystery."

The online self-publishing revolution has opened doors for many writers, including Eamonn, who is expanding his target audience across the globe by selling the book online as an eBook along with selling it in 12 local bookshops throughout West Kerry, Tralee and Killarney.

"A big part of writing is about having the self confidence to put your work out there and it took me some time to find that," said Eamonn. "I am delighted that the book is finally out and I plan to continue to write."

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