Quentin gives thumbs up to Kerry duo


LEGENDARY film director Quentin Tarantino has given his official seal of approval to a quirky film made by two Kerry students which gives a unique twist to his cult favourite movie Pulp Fiction.

Late last year Tralee man Eoin O'Leary and his college classmate David Williams from Killarney, who both study Music Technology at IT Tralee, posted a short one minute clip "Pulp Fiction Kerry Shtyle" onto the YouTube video sharing website.

The video sees Eoin and David (pictured right) dubbing over the movie's dialogue giving both John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson's cult favourite hitmen a

hilarious Kerry twang as they discuss the vagaries of beer, Big Mac's, Whoppers and mayonnaise soaked chips.

On Saturday night interest in the clip reached dizzying new heights when BBC chat show host Graham Norton showed the redubbed clip to Tarantino on his prime time show. Tarantino, though a little confused as to the exact location of Kerry, clearly enjoyed it, laughing heartily when shown the clip.

"That was great. I encourage you guys to do the whole movie. You have my permission," the director said.

Eoin O'Leary, who took on John Travolta's vocal duties in the video, said the pair were stunned that Tarantino had not only seen but had so enjoyed their work.

"It was absolutely amazing. We never knew it was going to happen at all," he said.

"I didn't see the show myself but I heard about it straight away. As soon as it was over my phone just lit up and didn't stop ringing," said Eoin.

"As directors go there's really no one bigger or anyone whose work I'd enjoy as much so it's a real buzz to know he's seen what we did and to get his blessing," he said.

And will Eoin and David take up Tarantino's invitation to redub the whole film?

"We'll we'd love to but to be honest we're really busy with college at the moment and we have a lot of work to do. If we can find the time I'd say we'd definitely try to do a few more," said Eoin.

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