O'Grady slams 'unethical' parking fees

Cllr Sean O'Grady
Cllr Sean O'Grady

KILLARNEY town councillor Sean O'Grady has said that people need to vote with their feet and park elsewhere if they wish to see any drop in the "immoral and unethical" parking charges at Kerry General Hospital in Tralee.

In his former role as mayor of Killarney, Cllr Cllr Sean O'Grady was one of four local mayors who met with management on several occasions in a combined attempt to reduce parking charges at the busy hospital but their efforts came to nothing.

"It made no difference, if we've any hope then people need to get serious about the cost of parking and desist from using the car park for a number of weeks, unless there is an emergency of course," he said.

"The charges are immoral and unethical and nothing will happen until people take action," he added.

His comments followed a motion at Monday's town council meeting, tabled by Cllr Sean Counihan who asked that the council write to hospital management requesting that they review their parking charges to take consideration of those attending A&E.

Kerry General Hospital made over €2.5m in hospital parking over the last four years, according to figures recently released figures following a parliamentary question by Kerry South Independent TD Deputy Michael Healy Rae.