No funds for Castleisland sewerage scheme extension

Published 21/11/2012 | 16:56

AN extension to the Castleisland sewerage scheme which has been on Kerry County's agenda for over 20 years has not been included in the current Department of the Environment's current Water Services Investment Programme and consequently no funds exist to proceed with it.

Confirmation that the scheme would not go ahead until at least 2014 came after Cllr JJ Culloty asked for an update. Cllr Culloty explained that stage two of the scheme - which was planned to service 116 homes on the Black Road, Cordal Road, Brosna Road and College Road - was first promised as far back as 1990. He said two subsequent completion dates were announced - 2003 and 2007 - but the scheme was removed from the list in 2010.

"Castleisland is not among the priority list in the current programme and the people of Castleisland feel very much left down by the council," he said. "The majority have paid their household tax, they feel they are not getting value for their money," he said.

Management explained that the upgrading of Castleisland Sewerage Scheme is included in the council's assessment of needs submitted to the Dept of the Environment for inclusion in the Water Services Investment Programme ( WSIP) 2010-2013, but unfortunately the scheme has not been included in the current programme.

"Kerry County Council understands that on completion of the existing WSIP at the end of 2013, Irish Water will be responsible for the strategic planning and funding of future water investment programmes," the meeting was told.

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