Mom kept stash of heroin for jailed murderer



A DINGLE mother who stashed heroin in her home for a convicted murderer is to be jailed this week along with her son, after both pleaded guilty to having drugs for sale and/or supply.

Pamela and Darren Flannery of 57 The Grove, Dingle, were due to appear at Tralee District Court today ( Wednesday), after agreeing to a short period in custody when they appeared in Dingle District Court last Friday.

There, Superintendent Jim O'Connor said Ms Flannery (42) had been storing almost €1,500 worth of heroin and cocaine for a man who is currently in prison for murder. He said that when the drugs were found in a safe in her house, Ms Flannery revealed the identity of the person she was keeping them for.

While Supt O'Connor told the court that the State did not believe Ms Flannery was dealing drugs, they did have concerns that an empty capsule, similar to those in the safe, was found in her room and that she claimed to be storing them for a person who would be spending a considerable amount of time in prison.

"The State is inclined to believe a bit of pressure was applied, but she knew they were drugs," he said. "However, there is no suspicion on her where dealing is concerned."

Solicitor Padraig Foley said his client had simply been storing the drugs for another person and had no intention of dealing them.

Meanwhile, Ms Flannery's son Darren (25) appeared visibly emotional and upset in court, where he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, possession for the purpose of sale and/or supply and cultivation of cannabis.

The court heard that the same garda search of the house revealed €200 in cash, €210 worth of cannabis, a 'ticklist' and a cannabis plant in his room.

Mr Foley said that although his client accepted the plant was his and that he does smoke cannabis, he claimed the ' ticklist' had been left in the house by someone else. He said Mr Flannery was hoping to travel to England to begin a course on the removal of asbestos.

Judge James O'Connor said that while he accepted neither of the defendants were typical dealers, anyone convicted of the sale or supply of drugs must endure a prison sentence.

He offered both the choice of a short period behind bars to begin this Wednesday - four days for Ms Flannery and a week for her son - or take a far longer term and appeal it.

Each agreed to present themselves at Tralee District Court this Wednesday to begin their sentence.