'Messing around like a complete tool' in court


Published 30/01/2013 | 13:59

'YOU'RE down there all morning messing around like a complete tool!' So said Judge James O'Connor in apparent exasperation at the conduct of a young man who arrived in court unable to pay in full for his misdemeanours.

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Donald Skinner, Gortadoo, Ballyferriter, was before the court in connection with a number of offences under the Road Traffic Act and the Public Order Act that occured in Dingle last year. He had been convicted of the offences at a previous sitting of Dingle Court and was to have paid €1,300 to the court by Friday. However, it transpired that while Mr Skinner had already paid €900, he was able to only come up with another €250 at Friday's court, leaving a balance of €150.

"Tell this fellow now to stop his messing," Judge O'Connor said in respect of the incomplete payment. He said that Mr Skinner had been given a ' ferocious chance' by the court at an earlier sitting in that he was given the opportunity to answer for his misdemeanours by way of making a payment rather than any other sanction.

Judge O'Connor appeared to be less than impressed with the defendant's behaviour during the Dingle court hearing on Friday.

"You're down there all morning, messing around like a complete tool!" he said. "Get the money and bring it back here. You're a messer."

Judge O'Connor adjourned the case for full payment until a later court sitting.

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