Living in fear of wandering horses



A LISTOWEL resident who is so 'upset and tormented' by the number of horses in his estate has asked the local authority to address the issue once and for all

In an anonymous letter sent to Cllr Tim O'Leary, the resident said he was afraid to speak out publicly against those who are illegally keeping horses in the estate in case he would be targeted.

The issue arose at Monday night's meeting of Listowel Town Council, where Cllr O'Leary said the resident claimed to have made several complaints to the council about horses grazing, galloping and racing in his particular area of town and wanted management to put a stop to it immediately.

"This man is upset and tormented by horses in his area but he is afraid to speak out against the owners for fear he will be targeted," Cllr O'Leary told the meeting. "Having horses in a built up area is surely in conflict with our tenancy agreements and is putting people at risk and we cannot allow a situation to continue where we have horses galloping around the area or sulky racing up and down the road."

In his letter, the man claims that horses are galloping in and out of the estate every single day and he accused the local authority of doing nothing about it.

"I have made regular complaints to the town council and it is an ongoing problem," Cllr O'Leary read from the letter.

Cllr Tom Walsh strongly agreed with Cllr O'Leary, saying he too had heard first hand accounts of horses running loose in council estates and on the street and has received reports of horses being housed on council property.

"I dont think it's fair that residents should have to put up with horses roaming wild. It isn't healthy," he said.

Listowel Town Council housing officer Siobhan Horgan said there are clear bylaws governing the control of horses and that last year 10 horses were impounded as they were being brought into Listowel estates. She said that so far this year, no horse has been impounded but said the council is dealing with one case regarding the illegal keeping of horses. She urged those affected by the issue to contact the council.

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