'Listowel tops Kerry list of ghost estates'



LISTOWEL has more unfinished housing estates than any other town in the county and ranks eighth among all towns in the country, according to the results of a national survey published this week.

However, there are concerns in Listowel about the criteria used in the survey and the local town council insists at least five of the unfinished estates are technically outside of the town.

The Department of the Environment, published the results of its National Housing Development Survey 2012 this week and it shows that there are 13 unfinished housing developments in Listowel. However, there are only eight unfinished housing developments within the town boundaries, the local authority told The Kerryman this week.

"We have concerns with how the criteria for the survey were applied," Listowel Town Clerk David O'Brien said. "The survey was conducted over the summer by inspectors on the ground and we think that in some instances they might have included empty homes where people were in the process of moving in at the time."

He described most of the estates in the town that classed as unfinished developments as 'excellent'. They include Kenny Heights, The Meadows, Slí na Spéire, Dun Alainn, Curraghclose, Woodview and The Furze.

"It is very strange to give the impression that any of these estates are unfinished, ghost-type estates as they are all well occupied. That's why we have concerns over the criteria. However, we have informed the department that we are taking some of these in charge, such as Kenny Heights, and we expect to see more of them declassified as unfinished estates early next year," he said.

Esate agents in Listowel are very concerned over the classification of the eight estates as 'unfinished' "An unfinished estate in my mind is an estate without footpaths, street lighting, tarmac and so on and this is not the case in the estates in Listowel classed as unfinished," one auctioneer said.

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