Lack of sensitivity for grieving family of teenage suicide victim

Published 16/01/2013 | 09:16

Sir, For some reason known only to themselves the parents of Andrew Clark decided not to reveal the cause of their son's death in public. They decided that it might be better if the public did not know that he had attempted suicide. Now I do not know how the rest of you feel but I for one totally agree with their decision. His death is an horrific loss for his family and friends and is a time of immense personal grief. They have my greatest sympathy and they should be left in peace to come to terms with their loss.

That a reporter in the Indo should demand that the teenager's death as a result of a suicide attempt should be should be shouted from the rooftops was for me a most inhuman act to pour on those still suffering immensely from the death of this young man.

The tragedy to me and to most thinking people was not the act of suicide, but that he saw no other possible avenue of escape from this decision. In spite of all of the help available out there, for him there was no other way out.

For me grief is a very personal emotion, which I went through a short time ago when my brother died. While I appreciated that people feel the need to show their sympathy, I think that it is a time when relatives and friends need time to come together and deal with this tragedy. There is plenty of time afterwards for others to show their sorrow.

May the Blessing of God be with the Clark family and the friends of Andrew in their time of grief. Sincerely, Michael O'Meara, Killarney.

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