How did Port Road get its name?

Michael Gleeson
Michael Gleeson

WE received a query this week asking just why Port Road in Killarney is so named, considering the fact that it's a 20 full minute drive to the nearest part of the Kerry coastline.

Curious indeed, so we called Cllr Michael Gleeson, who we felt might have an insight into such things, after all it was sure to have cropped up during his time teaching at The Mon! Indeed he did have an answer.

"A man now deceased once told me that it was so named as it was the road used by people carrying stuff from Killarney to Ballykissane Pier in Killorglin, so it was the way to the port, that's how it got it's name," he said.

The local councillor said he stands open to correction, so if anyone has a different explanation, just get in touch with us here at The Kerryman.

One of the straightest roads in the town, Port Road borders the equally straight Deenagh River and there's a reason for this.

The river was diverted to make way for the construction of Killarney Cathedral and so currently follows a man-made route.