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Hotel set to reopen after tragic blast

Cillian Walsh

Published 21/08/2013 | 05:36

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Garda and emergency service personnel at the scene of the explosion at Gleeson's Launderette in Brewery Lane near Kenmare Place, Killarney on Saturday morning. Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin.

MANAGEMENT at The International Hotel in Killarney, closed since the July 13 gas explosion that claimed the life of Killarney man James Gleeson, expect to have part of the hotel open and back in business by September 12.

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Hotel manager Terence Mulcahy said: "We hope to have 39 rooms, the bar and restaurant back in action then. Everything's a bit up in the air at the moment though, as we're waiting for electricity and the lane to be cleared so we have fire exits."

The tragic explosion that occurred in the James Gleeson's neighbouring laundrette caused damage in parts of the hotel that were well away from the site, as the blast travelled through air conditioning vents and blew them out on the other side of the building.

Mr Mulcahy, who said he was "lost for what to do" on the morning of the blast, warns that this is a very tricky process that cannot be rushed: "You have lots of factors that can change that date but we are hoping for September 12."

Brewery Lane (left), where the explosion occurred next to the hotel, is still under a pile of debris almost one storey high and work is continuing to clear the area.

Meanwhile, the Health and Safety Authority are remaining tight-lipped on the investigation into the tragic explosion, revealing only that "the investigation is on-going", when speaking to The Kerryman.

There is no conclusion date set for the investigation.

Following the explosion, that was believed to be triggered by a gas leak, Kerry County Fire Services are carrying out inspections across the county into homes and businesses that use gas.

The inspections will be carried out into any private home or businesses that are currently using liquefied petroleum gas installations.


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