Hard times for Mr Dickens

A LISTOWEL man who was found punching another man on the head resisted arrest so violently that gardaí were forced to use pepper spray to subdue him, Listowel District Court has been told.

Lee Dickens of 40 Cahirdown wood, Listowel, refused to stop punching another man when gardaí intervened in an incident on William Street on April 21 last and had to be arrested. Supt Michael Fitzpatrick said the defendant resisted violently, leaving gardaí with no option but to use pepper spray.

Defence solicitor Pat Enright said that since the incident his client has been seeing a counsellor and is trying to stay on the straight and narrow, which he said 'seems to be working.'

Convictng Mr Dickens of engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting words or behaviour, Judge Mary Larkin said that gardaí should never be put at risk and have to resort to using pepper spray. She fined Mr Dickens €300 for the offence.