Going green a day early in Causeway

Many locals from the local area arrived and enjoyed the day.
Many locals from the local area arrived and enjoyed the day.
Meagan Barrett and Sarah Diggins from Causeway.
Janet McEvoy from Causeway arrives on her Wheelchair

THEY decided to hold it a day early to avoid clashing with neighbouring parishes, as happened in previous years, and it seemed the people of Causeway got their just rewards with Sunday's 'St Patrick's Day' parade being hailed as an overwhelming success.

Over 50 floats took part in the event - with Mike Enright's re-enactment of Colm Cooper's trip to hospital taking first place in the best float competition - while hundreds of locals and visitors lined the streets for the first St Patrick's Day parade in Kerry.

Joint organiser, John Carroll, said that as well as guaranteeing a bigger entry and more spectators on Sunday, they also had the hard working public in mind when organising the parade a day early.

"People love to celebrate St Patrick's Day so we thought if we had it on Sunday at least most people would be off on Monday and would really enjoy it," he said, "But the main reason for doing it early was that we found over the past few years that it clashed with other towns and villages. We were hoping that by having it on Sunday we would attract more people from neighbouring parishes and that certainly paid off for us this year because we fort great support."