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Gallery: 'It's like a cattle mart'

Published 02/10/2013 | 05:36

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Long delays at the Motor Tax office on the last day of the month- Liam O'Connor, Nicolas King, Mike Ahern and Emily Ahern from Cromane with their queue tickets with over 200 in front
Long delays at the Motor Tax office on the last day of the month
Allan O'Connor

ANGRY, frustrated and running out of patience, hundreds of motorists were settling in for a long wait on Monday morning to get their motor tax affairs in order ahead of a major change in legislation.

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Bernie Slattery, Ardfert:

"It's unbelieveable, it's like a cattle mart here today. I've been trying to renew motor tax on a vintage motor bike all last week but the queues were just too long.

There are people taking days off work for this. There was even a fight in the garda barracks yesterday when I was in there after some fellow jumped the queue, but the gardaí settled it before it got out of hand."

PJ McCrohan, Banna:

"A lot of people don't realise that there is another form they have to get stamped by the gardaí. It's crazy here today. I'm trying to renew tax on a tractor that's been off the road for 22 years. I've number 582 and they are only at the 250 mark at the moment."

Liam O'Connor, Cromane:

"I've never seen the likes of it. I'm here to pay the tax on a vehicle."

Nicholas King, Cromane:

"There was about 150 people in front of me when I arrived this morning at 9am. I'm 460 and they're only at about 260 at the moment."

Emily Ahern, Cromane:

"They should at least have opened the office on Saturday. I got here at 9.30am and got number 528. The queue was all the way down the side of the council building when I arrived, it was crazy! One man who got here at 7am even told me they were queuing since 6.30am!"

Mike Ahern, Cromane:

"It's infuriating. You can't get any work done as you're here for the day and there isn't any place to get parking nearby.

"I came over in my truck from Castleisland and I ended up parking below in Randles Garage."

Alan O'Connor, Tralee:

"There were 280 people in front of me this morning. I'll be here until 5pm and it's not like I can go away and come back again as if you're not inside the building when it closes at 3pm you will miss out. It's seriously frustrating; we have other things to be doing.

"I've been queuing up here since 9am this morning and one of the worst things is that as we were queuing there were people just walking past us all and taking a ticket out of the machine, jumping the queue basically, which made it even more frustrating."

Denis Griffin, Tullig Beg, Killorglin:

"It was about 9.30am when I got here and the queue was out the door. It's galling as I have much better things to be doing. I'm just trying to renew tax on a tractor that's been off the road. I've never seen anything like this here."

Thereza Glavin, Abbeydorney:

"The queue was out past here since 9am. It's a bloody disgrace."


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