From eggs to fire safety in the home

TWO young men from Causeway Comprehensive School are set to literally light up the Young Scientist competition this year when they present a creative way of increasing fire safety.

They will attend the massive science competition with a younger fellow student who has been looking into whether or not the quality of hens' eggs is determined by environmental factors.

Fifth-year students JP Byrne and Cian Dowling have devised a system that could save lives and like the best ideas it is very simple. The duo devised a system of LED lights that could be installed along skirting boards in the home and would turn on automatically in the event of a fire alarm going off to lead the occupants to safety. A similar safety light system is used in aircraft.

"The lights lead the occupants to the exits, which can be obscured if there's a lot of smoke," science teacher Jennifer Barry said. "Cian and JP found also that putting on main lights when a house is smoke filled can actually reduce visibility because of glare," she added.

Meanwhile, young Jack Nolan - a first-year student at the school - is bringing a project on hens' eggs to Dublin. "Jack looked at environmental factors affecting hens to see if they can impact the quality and appearance of eggs. He found out that these factors do have an effect and can lead to different egg weight, yolk colour, shell smoothness and much, much more in a wonderful project,"

Jack's family keep hens so his findings are being scrutinised in minute detail at home - no doubt as all egg-producers in the country will be doing after this week.

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