Festive spirits high in St Brendan's

Students David Casey and Emanuele Marchett.
Students David Casey and Emanuele Marchett.

THE pupils of St Brendan's College were certainly instilled with the festive spirit ahead of the lengthy Christmas break as they gathered for a special evening carol service in the school chapel recently.

Catering for all years, the event was organised by the school's music department and featured a 40 strong choir and mini orchestra drawn from students from first year through to Leaving Cert.

"I wish to acknowledge all involved in this fabulous event, in particular teacher Mish O'Donoghue who has fused the energy from her work with TeenSpirit into our school," delighted Principal Sean Coffey said afterwards. "I can't express just how proud I am of the boys involved in the choir as well as the many pupils who have become involved in music in the school recently as it creates such a vibrant atmosphere," he added.

Meanwhile, the school's art department helped transform the traditional chapel for the special evening, while the RE team put together a multi media display throughout the service during which contemporary literature also helped bring a 21st century message to participants.