Enda, wake up to the nation's suffering

Published 23/01/2013 | 13:58

Sir, I write concerning Mr Enda Kenny, our Taoiseach who, I believe, has a lot to be accountable for.

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Maybe the time is still right for him to surrender on a lot of certain conditions and climb down off the swift horse. You have to know your limitations; you have to know what life might throw at you. That man made life very hard for himself, you see you can drift in and never know you are gone. I wonder have we crossed the Rubicon?

Mr Kenny must know that what the government is doing cannot be sustainable. Does he care about the torture Irish people are going through. Or is it a case that he goes to bed at night, puts his two hands behind his head and tells himself what a great job he is doing? Does he think of our children and our children's children? What the government is doing is daft not deft.

This Government had no problems taking millions of euro out of education in December's Budget and depriving our children of a chance of acquiring the greatest gift of all – a proper education. Why doesn't Mr Kenny go on TV and speak to the people to explain why the government has done this.

This Taoiseach of ours travels a lot. It seems to me that he wants to see the prairie before it's all gone. A German magazine gave him a gong - maybe they should have given him a rosary beads and a small bottle of holy water.

I have listened to Enda Kenny in the Dail during leaders questions. What I have always observed, listening to him, is that he keeps digressing so he ends up saying little or nothing at all. When will all this stop? How can he keep coming back to the Irish people when they have no more? When he speaks to Angela Merkel she must say: 'Das ist gut, das ist eunderbar. Danke'.

There are at least six old ministers in the Dáil. They should go and go now. I don't think that individuals of that age should hold public office. They are above in Dáil Éireann making blunder after blunder. I am convinced that the Irish people will take no more. They can't take any more. Sincerely, John Stack, Drumcunnig, Abbeydorney.

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