Don't open a door to abortion on demand

Sir, I will never forget how as a young doctor working at a hospital in the south of England back in 1973,I was approached by a man employed in the maintenance department of the hospital, asking me for a referral letter for his wife who wanted an abortion.

Having refused his request. and explaining that it would be contrary to my ethics, I then asked him why they believed that an abortion was required.

He explained that they wanted to purchase a caravan for travel to France and that they could therefore not afford another baby. Is that the road we wish to travel? I have no doubt but that some of those are who now pushing to open the door to what iscalled" limited abortion", will continue to push until abortion on demand becomes available. The sad thing is that many people are being misled by emotive and false arguments.

Of course nothing is more precious than a mother's life, but the direct killing of an unborn infant need never be our sole goal. Abortion unfortunately is easily obtained in many so called civilised countries. It is truly the silent holocaust, where human life can be valued as less than that of a second hand caravan.

Modern scans allow future mothers and fathers to witness the rapid and wonderfull growth of the baby in the womb. None are so blind as those who will not see! Sincerely, Dr. James P O' Regan, Tralee.

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