Doctor died after insisting he was unhurt in accident


A LISTOWEL man became seriously unwell and passed away shortly after he was involved in a minor traffic accident in the town centre earlier this year, an inquest in Tralee has heard.

On the evening of March 2 ,2012 well known Listowel Doctor Louis O'Carroll was walking to meet friends at John B Keane's bar in Listowel when he was apparantly lightly clipped by a passing car and fell to the ground in the street. He got up from the ground and went towards a nearby shop where he leaned against a windowsill.

The driver of the car, who was extremely distressed, and a number of people who were at the scene of the accident rushed to Dr O'Carroll's aid. However, the Inquest heard Mr O'Carroll insisted he was alright and declined offers to call medical assistance.

Nurse Tina Canty who witnessed the accident and offered assistence to Dr O'Carroll, said he seemed embarrassed by the entire incident and that after several minutes he "got a bit aggitated and walked away."

"I said you look a bit grey and he said I'm always that colour," said Ms Canty.

"He kept saying I'm fine, I'm fine and he got more and more adamant. He refused to sit down but he looked OK and he was stretching his legs," she said. The inquest heard that Dr O'Carroll then made his way to a friend's house where he became ill and was placed on a couch having gone "deathly white" after suffering pain down his right side. Although Dr O'Carrol still insisted that no ambulance be called, the emergency services were contacted and paramedics arrived at the house a short time later.

By that time Dr O'Carroll had collapsed as he attempted to make his way to the bathroom and the paramedics began efforts to resucitate him.

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