'Danger signs frightening people away from beach'


Published 19/12/2012 | 21:02

The bi-lingual danger signs in Ballybunion which locals say are creating the wrong impression of the North Kerry resort. Credit: Photo by John Reidy

LOCALS are concerned that new signs in Ballybunion alerting visitors to the danger of rocks falling from the cliffs are too big and will actually drive visitors away from the resort's beautiful beaches.

Up to eight large signs were erected in the area by Kerry County Council in recent weeks, with the word 'Danger' emblazoned in red and pointing out the threat of rockfalls from the cliffs over the men's and ladies' beaches.

While locals accept the need for some signs alerting locals to the danger, they say the smaller warning signs that were in place for the past three years are adequate.

One recent visitor to Ballybunion, who contacted The Kerryman, said American tourists they were with became fearful of falling rocks, wondering how many people had been killed in the area as a result.

No one has been killed in Ballybunion in modern times by falling rocks.

"My fears were heightened when these elderly American visitors asked me had many people died in rock falls here," the visitor - who didn't wish to be named - said. "As far as I can recall nobody has ever even been injured by a pebble falling anywhere in Ballybunion."

Local angler Mike Enright told The Kerryman he believes the sign are a bit over the top. "We have had signage alerting people to the dangers for the past three years and they are sufficient in my view. These signs are overkill, they are massive and one of them effectively blocks the view of the men's beach from the disabled parking bay on the way down. They are also in the wrong places in my view.

"The worst thing though is that these signs will deter visitors altogether from using the beaches out of fear of falling rocks," Mike added.

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