Councillor calls for action on dumping in laneways

Published 16/01/2013 | 09:16

Cllr. Tim O'Leary bringing the state of illegal dumping at the rear of houses on O'Connell's Avenue to the attention of Listowel Town Council. Credit: Photo by John Reidy

DUMPED trollies, rubbish and burnt vehicles - these are some of the problems besetting Listowel's lanes, according to one councillor who is calling on the authority to adopt a more deliberate approach to policing the appearance of the town's large network of lanes and alleyways.

Fine Gael Town Councillor Tim O'Leary proposed the move at a meeting of the authority last week.

However, Listowel Town Council management has informed The Kerryman that the authority has not received many complaints over the town's lanes and deals with any instances as it would with infringements of town welfare in any other part of the town.

"A tractor was set ablaze in one lane a few months ago for instance and I think there is a danger that the town might neglect this part of its environment. There are also ongoing problems with trollies and other rubbish being dumped in areas," he warned. He also showed TheKerryman what appeared to be an abandoned tractor and trailer in a lane in the O'Connell's Avenue area of Listowel this week.

Listowel Town Clerk David O'Brien said that the authority does not have a major issue with this sort of behaviour in the lanes and alleyways of Listowel. "We're aware that a tractor was set ablaze nearly a year ago, but the lane network in the town does not present much of a problem.

"Occasionally there are instances of illegal dumping and we deal with these as we would with similar incidents in any other part of the town. We haven't received any report of an abandoned tractor and trailer in O'Connell's Avenue, but if it emerges a vehicle has been abandoned - rather than simply parked up over the winter by a resident - we would of course take steps to deal with it. But we don't get many complaints at all about the lanes. The fact that they are used so widely by residents parking and going about their business deters people from dumping there."

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