Census: Over 19,000 Kerry people have a disability

THERE are currently over 19,000 people in Kerry living with a disability according to the latest census results published this week by the Central Statistics Office.

The latest published census findings showing that a total of 19,168 people in Kerry, making up 13.2 per cent of the entire population of the county, said they had a disability when the census was taken in April 2011.

Of these 9,410 were male while 9,758 were female.

The Kerry figure is only marginally above the disability rate of 13 per cent for the State as a whole.

In Kerry the most common disability overall was a difficulty with pain, breathing or other chronic illness or condition which was experienced by 43.5per cent of disabled people in the county; this was followed by a difficulty with basic physical activities, also experienced by 43.5%.

Both disabilities were strongly age-related.

A question on general health was introduced for the first time in Census and in response 58.3 per cent of Kerry people said they enjoyed very good health with a further 29.7 per cent indicating that their health was good.

Just 2,053 people, or 1.4 per cent, indicated that they had bad or very bad health.

The census showed that a total of 6,878 persons were providing unpaid assistance to others. Of these carers 4,153 were women and 2,725 men. who between them provide a total of 230,197 hours of care per week.

It also showed that 175 children aged under 15 years were engaged in providing care to others.

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