Apathy reigns for referendum



Published 14/11/2012 | 11:29

The scene at the very quiet North Kerry/West Limerick Count Centre in Tralee on Sunday morning.

KERRY has voted in favour of the Children's referendum but low turnout across the county indicates voters in both of the county's constituencies were largely apathetic when it came to Ireland's latest constitutional change.

Both Kerry South and Kerry North West Limerick voted in favour of the referendum. In Kerry North/West Limerick the final result was 53.6 per cent yes and 46.4 per cent voting against.

With 62,684 people eligible to vote in the constituency just 18,322 voters or 29.2 per cent of the local electorate turned out at the ballot box.

The story was largely similar in Kerry South where 57 per cent voted in favour of the amendment with 43 per cent voting against. Turnout was similarly low. The numbers of people eligible to vote was 57,294 while the number that actually voted was just 16,872 or 29.45 per cent of the electorate.

Both Kerry results were largely in line with the rest of the country. Nationally the referendum was passed by 58.1 per cent to 41.9 per cent.

Nationally there was also a low voter turnout of just 33.53 per cent, the lowest turnout since the 1996 referendum on bail. Voter turnout in both constituencies was also at its lowest level since that 1996 vote.

Saturday's turnout in Kerry was considerably lower than in such recent referendums as the second Nice Treaty vote in 2002 when 46 per cent voted in North Kerry and 50 per cent voted in South Kerry and 2009's second Lisbon Treaty Vote which saw a turnout of 56 per cent in North Kerry and 58 per cent in Kerry South.

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