St Michael's Cemetery Committee needs volunteers

Published 07/11/2012 | 09:47

THE committee of St Micheal's graveyard are urgently appealing for volunteers to assist in maintaining the cemetery to the standard it has reached today.

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Following a public meeting in 1999 chaired by Canon Seamus Linnane, a committee was formed and it was here that Cllr Maria Gorman suggested that, as a millennium project for the town, a group of interested people should spearhead a campaign to clear up the "old cemetery", parts of which were undeniably descending into wilderness. With that in mind, voluntary workers were recruited and so the work began.

To date, the oldest part of the graveyard has been cleared of rubble and the overgrowth of entangled bushes and trees, reseeded, paths relayed and gravestones repaired and restored. The practice of the annual Mass in the graveyard has also become part of the work of this committee.

The work, the time and the effort that this committee have put into this St Micheal's graveyard has been phenomenal. It has been a long slow process but the transformation itself has made it all well worth while.

While the millennium has been and gone the committee continued with its commitment to St.Micheal's Graveyard, under the beady eye of Micheal O'Sullivan, who was totally dedicated to the organisation and steered the committee in the direction which has resulted in the cemetery being maintained to the highest of standards.

However, the hard working committee of the St Micheal's graveyard are always concerned about the constant up-keep and maintenance of this very large cemetery and are now looking for recruits to help out.

Cllr Jackie Barrett-Madigan is now asking anyone interested in becoming involved to get in touch on 086 395 3387.

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