Dramatic Coumeenole photo catches the eye of the nation

THE talents of emerging Dingle photographer Florian Walsh earned great praise last week from RTE's Prime Time presenter Miriam O'Callaghan who was greatly taken by this dramatic image of Commenoule Beach in all its glory.

The photo went out on Twitter and was soon re-tweeted by Ms O'Callaghan to her 50,000+ followers. Before long the image had gone viral with re-tweets and countless shares on Facebook.

The endorsement is something of a coup for the Dingle man who is currently putting together a portfolio of his work.

"I've always had an interest in photography but in the last three years, since I bought an SLR camera, I've really gotten into it," said Florian, who is self-taught.

"The photo I took of Coumeenole was taken after a surf I had with my friends Billy O'Connor and Ciarán Ó Coileáin. After we got out of the water we went to look at a young seal pup who was soaking in the last bit of sunshine before dusk and I saw the way the sun was shining through the waves so I quickly set myself up to get the shot."

"I posted the photo onto Irish Weather Online and they put it up on Twitter where Miriam O'Callaghan tweeted about it. I have had massive feedback over the photo with people sharing, commenting upon and liking my photo and my page on Facebook."

"I guess career wise I'd like to sell prints of my photos on canvas and in framed prints and I'd like to make a name for myself but at the moment it's all about just getting my name out there," added Florian (29).

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