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Donie's delight at developments on danger bridge

Published 03/07/2013 | 05:36

Campaigner Donie Cremins (second from right) pictured with, from left: Cllr. Pat McCarthy, David O'Connor and Joe Lane at the bridge. Photo: John Reidy

Donie Cremins rang on Monday morning to declare his delight at the pace of developments on the dangerous bridge on the borders of Fahaduff and Tulligubeen.

Trees and foliage have been cut back on both approaches to the bridge. Motorist and general user visibility has been improved by one hundred per cent there - according to Donie.

Highlighted by Mr. Cremins in The Kerryman a couple of weeks ago, he gathered a group of neighbours at the bridge to bring their plight and constant danger to light.

There wasn't one among the gathering that morning who didn't have a story of a close call or a narrow escape at the notorious bridge. It was built to cater for the traffic of an era gone well by.

Donie declared here last week that he intended letting his name go forward for next May's Kerry County Council elections and since then he has been contacted by Radio Kerry and by the research team from Joe Duffy's RTE Radio 1 Liveline not to mention a couple of political parties.

However, he intends to bide his time and build a team of people around him for the almost year-long campaign involved in such a move.

Waste of public money is something which annoys Donie greatly. He worked in several highly responsible roles in the construction industry in England. There he learned the tricks of prudence and good management.

As far as lunging into a political career is concerned - he's in no rush for now. He's greatly encouraged and heartened by the role he played in the project on the bridge.

His get-up-and-go attitude means that his neighbours can travel more safely from now on.

That's what politics is all about - the art of the possible - isn't it?


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