Off on a Canadian adventure

Published 12/06/2013 | 05:36

Double Going away party for Ross Brassil and Ruadhan Hennessey from Tralee here with family and friends at the Greyhound Bar on Saturday
Ross Brassil and Ruadhan Hennessey (seated third and fourth from left) from Tralee at their going away party with family and friends at the Greyhound Bar. Photo: Paul Tearle

Niamh Ryan

TWO Tralee men, Ross Brassil (29) and Ruadhan Hennessy (27), are off to Calgary, Canada and held a going away party in The Greyhound Bar on Saturday night.

Their plan is to go for a year or two "and hopefully it will work out".

They decided to leave due to lack of employment, not only in Tralee, but Kerry in general. They play music and although during the summer there is work available, it is hard during the winter.

They are going over to their friend who has reassured them that there is work in Calgary, especially "for trad musicians" said Ruadhan.

Ross has a degree in accountancy from University of Limerick, graduating in 2009, but has found it very difficult to find work since then.

When asked about their decision to leave they described the situation in town as "grim". "It looks like it's getting worse" added Ross. They revealed about half of their friends are living abroad, with some taking time out to travel.

Their choice to leave "wasn't difficult in this climate" but they are going to miss their friends and family here in Tralee.

When asked why they chose Canada and not Australia for example, Ruadhan explained "there is a better music scene in Canada at the moment". The hot weather in Australia isn't appealing to Ruadhan ("I prefer the Canadian climate"), while Ross said "Canada is closer to home than Australia".

They explained a two-year visa is more readily available in Canada and the Australian authorities are beginning to clamp down on the amount of approved visas. They also believe there are more employment opportunities in Canada.


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